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IPE Oil Hardwood Finish Articles

Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish Application Ipe is a naturally dense wood that requires special attention. Most Ipe surfaces can be stained for enhanced beauty and lasting protection. The dense nature of the wood however can require yearly maintenance. The best way to get lasting protection is by using a stain that is specially designed for Ipe Hardwood. Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish has deep penetrating properties that helps protect Ipe from water and UV damage. Prior to an Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish application, the surface should be cleaned using a wood cleaner and brightener. Ipe should dry for 1 day before staining. Read the Full Story
How to Prep for Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish The key to a lasting easy to maintain finish using Ipe Oil Hardwood Stain is to prep the wood correctly prior to staining. Correct prep will cleanse the wood of any dirt and grime and help open the wood pores to accept stain. Ipe is a very dense wood by nature so stain penetration is crucial for adequate weather protection. To prep Ipe wood for staining it first needs to be cleaned. Using a quality wood cleaner like Restore-A-Deck will make the job easier. RAD is a unique 2 step cleaning system perfect for Ipe wood prep.   Read the Full Story
IPE Oil Stain and Finish Reviews IPE Oil Hardwood Deck Finish is a uniquely blended wood stain designed for hard to penetrate exotic hardwoods. It offers superior penetration into dense hardwoods like IPE to provide excellent protection from water damage and UV discoloration. IPE Oil reviews have been outstanding across the board. The low 250 VOC oil based formula is compliant in all 50 states. Its Natural Finish is semi-transparent but has enough pigment to really enhance the natural beauty of IPE and other exotic hardwoods. It leaves IPE with a gorgeous rich brown tone with a hint of red. Read the Full Story
Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish Dealer | Where to Buy Ipe Oil Deck Finish is specially formulated for exotic hardwood decks, making it the perfect choice for Ipe. With special penetrating properties, Ipe Oil Finish protects, conditions, and enhances the natural beauty of Ipe Hardwood. Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish is available through stain dealers. To guarantee you are purchasing the best product available, only buy from an online authorized dealer. Buying from an Ipe Oil Hardwood Finish dealer will ensure you are getting a factory fresh product of the highest quality. Read the Full Story
Best Price On Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish Ipe is a very dense exotic hardwood. Because of its dense nature, it is common to refinish the surface every year. Yearly maintenance costs can add up. Finding the best price on Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish can result in a significant savings after several years. Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish is one of the best stains for exotic hardwoods. Most common deck stains lack the performance to penetrate dense woods like Ipe. So using a hardwood deck finish is crucial to the life of the deck. With that said, Ipe Oil Finish is a bit more expensive than other types of wood stains. Read the Full Story