Armstrong Clark Ipe Stain 5 Gallon


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Armstrong Clark for Hardwoods is top rated by contractors!

Armstrong-Clark's deck and siding wood stain makes use of conditioning oils that part from the drying oils in the formula. The nondrying oils penetrate into the wood and take the place of the wood's diminishing natural oils. This process revives and restores wood. The drying oils stay on the wood surface and lock in the conditioning oils to produce a barrier that is dry to the touch.

Key Features of Armstrong Clark Hardwood Stain:

  • Application can be done in direct sunlight and on hot days.
  • Applies easily by roller, brush, garden sprayer or airless sprayer. During spraying - going back over with a brush or roller will help give a more even appearance. After 24 hours any remaining puddles or glossy spots can be removed using a dry rag.
  • Older wood is reconditioned by deep penetrating nondrying oils.
  • Drying oils lock in the conditioning oils while pigments and water repellents lock out moisture and UV damage.
  • Armstrong wood stain is compliant with all environmental standards.
  • Does not contain any offensive odors.

Coverage Area for Exotic Hardwoods:

Armstrong-Clark Deck and Siding Stain applies at 300-400 sq ft per gallon. Depending on wood porosity, actual coverage will vary.

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