When dealing with any exotic hardwood such as IPE it is vital to use a deck stain that is specifically designed for these hard to penetrate surfaces. Only specially formulated stains will penetrate these dense hardwoods. Exceptional penetration is crucial to adding a water repellent barrier and UV protection. Most wood deck stains will not penetrate hardwoods well enough to give adequate protection. A typical wood stain tends to sit on top the surface of a dense wood like IPE or mahogany and dry to an inconsistent blotchy finish that will eventually peel, chip and flake.

IPE Oil Hardwood Finish is a unique blend of semi transparent oil stain specifically designed to dive deep into exotic hardwood surfaces. Proper penetration reduces the chance of warping and cracking. It helps shield against water infiltration and UV graying as well as enhancing the natural beauty of the wood grain. The best price IPE Oil can be purchased from an online authorized dealer. An authorized Deckwise (the makers of IPE Oil) dealer will not only offer the best price but will stand by the manufacturer’s limited liability warranty and high quality customer support.


Buying from a Deckwise certified dealer will ensure the best price IPE Oil anywhere. IPE Oil can be used on IPE, tigerwood, cumaru, mahogany and other hardwood decks, fences and wood siding. IPE Oil is a low VOC compliant oil based finish that is available in all 50 states. Purchasing IPE Oil at the best price from an authorized IPE Oil dealer will help cut costs on initial staining and repeated maintenance coats.

Excellent customer service goes hand in hand with the best price. Most authorized IPE Oil Hardwood Finish dealers provide support through customer service, how-to articles and Q&A sections of their respective websites. Also note that the manufacturer’s warranty is guaranteed when buying through an authorized IPE Oil dealer, which is important for peace of mind and confidence when purchasing online.