How to Prep IPE for Stain

IPE has become increasingly popular with deck owners due to its beautiful appearance. It is a very dense wood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay making it a great choice for many exterior wood projects.

The key to getting IPE to last is regular maintenance. With the right wood stain, IPE can be recoated and maintained very easily. To guarantee lasting protection from an IPE deck stain it is crucial to prep the wood surface correctly prior to stain application.

For new IPE wood or grayed out wood we recommend using IPE Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner. This specially formulated two-step cleaner is ideal for cleaning and prepping IPE wood prior to staining.

For IPE wood surfaces that have an old existing deck stain or sealer on them use IPE Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper. Removing any old stain will allow the new IPE stain to penetrate the dense wood for maximum protection.

For maintenance coats where the same stain product used last time will be applied again, it is possible to use the RAD Wood Cleaner and not have to remove the old stain. Once the surface is clean, the same wood stain should bond to itself to give good protection. More often that not with IPE, most of the deck stain will be gone from the last time it was coated. It is just the nature of the dense wood not to hold stain for more than a year or so.

Follow the manufacturers instructions for using and applying the RAD Wood Cleaner or Stain Stripper. Be sure to perform step two of the RAD kit, which is a Wood Brightener. This ensures the pH level of the wood is correct and ready to accept the new IPE stain coat.

Here are the basic easy to follow steps for using RAD IPE Cleaner or Stripper.

1. Wet the surface and the surrounding area

2. Mix the Cleaner or Stripper according to the directions and apply with pump sprayer, scrub brush, or mop.

3. Allow RAD to sit on surface for 10 minutes then perform a light pressure wash or scrub to remove dirt and graying from wood.

4. Repeat the above steps for stubborn areas.

5. Rinse the wood and surrounding area thoroughly.

6. Apply the IPE RAD Wood Brightener, let sit for 10 minutes, re-rinse.

Once you have prepped IPE be sure to let the wood dry for 1-2 days prior to staining. By cleaning the wood correctly using IPE Wood Cleaner (RAD) and using an IPE Wood Stain your exterior wood surfaces will look good and last for many years.

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