A recent IPE Oil review showed that it was the best solution for an exotic hardwood surface such as a deck, fence, or outdoor furniture. Due to the extremely hard nature of exotic hardwoods like IPE, tigerwood, cumaru, teak, mahogany, and other Brazilian hardwoods a special stain is required. IPE Oil Stain can penetrate these naturally dense woods while maintaining an entirely natural appearance. This oil-based natural wood finish was designed by DeckWise® with exotic hardwoods in mind making it the best solution.

Many hardwood surfaces will need to be cleaned and recoated every 6-12 months due to their density. Even the best hardwood stain will eventually fade and need to be recoated. IPE Oil is easy to maintain because of its excellent penetration properties. It does not form a film to later peel and create a mess. It simply fades away over time and can be reapplied when needed. This low 250 VOC formula is compliant in all 50 states and can be shipped to your doorstep.

IPE Oil Deck Stain comes in a natural finish that only highlights and enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain. IPE Oil creates a barrier of protection from graying UV rays and is highly water repellent. This helps to reduce board warping, cracking, splitting, and fading. The semi-transparent formula will darken wood naturally while remaining completely see through. IPE Oil protects as well as reconditions the wood helping it to remain flexible even though it loses its natural oils.

Treat all your exotic hardwood surfaces with IPE Oil and stop worrying about weather damage and wear and tear. An IPE Oil review discovered that it is the go-to exotic hardwood stain for professional wood restoration contractors. Go with the pros and provide a professional looking finish while protecting your IPE and other hardwood surfaces.