IPE Oil Hardwood Deck Finish is a uniquely blended wood stain designed for hard to penetrate exotic hardwoods. It offers superior penetration into dense hardwoods like IPE to provide excellent protection from water damage and UV discoloration.

IPE Oil reviews have been outstanding across the board. The low 250 VOC oil based formula is compliant in all 50 states. Its Natural Finish is semi-transparent but has enough pigment to really enhance the natural beauty of IPE and other exotic hardwoods. It leaves IPE with a gorgeous rich brown tone with a hint of red.

IPE Oil reviews for application are also very good. Reviews say it is very easy to apply and maintain. The coverage rate is excellent at about double what it would be staining cedar or pine. Future maintenance with IPE Oil is easy just requiring a light cleaning and a maintenance coat of stain. Overall the reviews for IPE Oil say it is very user friendly and easy to apply. It is an excellent product for annual hardwood maintenance.

IPE Oil will retain most of its color after one year. Reviews say it may only lose 30% of its color in a year due to fading. This is very acceptable especially on a dense hardwood that requires yearly maintenance. IPE Oil reviews also indicate that the product does not peel from the wood even in high traffic areas.

IPE Oil Hardwood Deck Finish does not seem to be susceptible to mold or mildew. In several IPE Oil reviews no mold was found in or on the stain at year number two. Also reported was very little dirt accumulation.

The inclusive IPE Oil reviews indicate that it is easy to apply, has a superb coverage rate helping to cut cost, and gives exotic hardwoods like IPE a magnificent appearance. It provides adequate water and sun protection and will assure the longest lasting protection for hardwood decks. Overall, it is a great product for IPE Hardwood.