Exotic woods like IPE, tigerwood, cumaru, teak, mahogany, and other Brazilian hardwoods can create a beautiful exterior surface. Decks and other surfaces made of these stunning woods can really stand apart from more common wood types like cedar, redwood, and pressure treated pine. Like all exterior wood surfaces, these hardwoods need to be sealed to protect them from weather damage. Unlike more common wood types, these naturally dense woods should be cleaned and retreated at least once per year. Only specially designed stains can be used on these hard to penetrate wood surfaces. Most common wood stains and sealers will not penetrate such a dense wood and will fail to perform.

IPE Oil is one wood stain that is specifically formulated for hardwood surfaces. IPE Oil by DeckWise® will preserve and protect the natural beauty of all exotic hardwoods. This unique formula will absorb deep into the wood grain to enhance the natural beauty as well as protect against UV fading, graying, and water damage.

IPE Oil is not commonly found in local hardwood stores but still remains one of the top choice stains by professionals for hardwood decks, fences, gazebos, pergolas, and furniture. To find the best deals and selection of IPE Oil search online for IPE Oil Stain near me. This will reveal DeckWise® certified dealers that can ship IPE Oil directly to your door. IPE Oil is a low VOC oil-based formula that can be shipped to all 50 states.

Finding IPE Oil by searching IPE Oil Stain near me will show you the best prices and comparisons. Many certified dealers will also offer help in the form of how-to articles and Q&A sections. When buying from a certified dealer your IPE Oil products are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty and high quality customer support. Search online for IPE Oil Stain near me and visit a certified DeckWise® dealer to buy with confidence. Protect your exotic hardwood surfaces today with a professional like finish that lasts and looks great.