IPE Stain Remover (Restore-A-Deck)


IPE Stain Buy OnlineEach Container Makes 5 Liquid Gallons covering 500-1000 sq. feet

IPE (Restore-A-Deck) Stain Remover is able to remove most transparent, semi-transparent and even semi-solid wood stains. It is also excellent for getting rid of failed semi-transparent acrylic stains and prep for reapplication.

RAD Stain Stripper is a concentrated powdered wood stain stripper.

Steps to use RAD Stain Remover:

1. Apply liberally to deck or wood surface

2. Let stripper work for 10-15 minutes

3. Lightly pressure wash or heavy scrub with stiff brush

4. Repeat for stubborn areas

5. After using Stain Stripper, the wood needs to be neutralized with a Wood Brightener.