DeckWise is the manufacturer of IPE Oil Stain Finish. They recommend purchasing IPE Oil from an authorized DeckWise dealer. Most authorized dealers can be found online and provide the best price and customer service of all wood stain dealers. Moreover, a certified DeckWise dealer will guarantee the coverage of the manufacturer’s warranty.

DeckWise warrants that at the time of sale, by an authorized dealer, the IPE Oil to be free of defects in material. Furthermore, this covers material defects resulting in failure of the wood oil for residential and commercial applications. So to answer the question, “Where to buy IPE Oil Stain Finish,” the answer is simple. Buy from a DeckWise IPE Oil authorized dealer only.

IPE Oil Stain Finish uses transoxide pigments for superb UV resistance and brilliant wood grain enhancement. The semi transparent oil based formula provides innovative defenses from the harmful effects of extreme temperatures, humidity, mold, mildew, fungal growth, water, snow and damaging UV rays. The synthetic resins in IPE Oil Stain Finish rely on a high-grade fungicide that naturally inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and algae. The oil solids and organic oils in IPE Oil Stain Finish add longevity, color depth and water repelling qualities. The precise combination of oils provides maximum wood grain absorption on hard to penetrate hardwood surfaces like tigerwood, teak, Brazilian redwood, massaranduba, cumaru as well as other exotic wood species.

IPE Oil Stain Finish provides protection and conditions the wood while conserving a entirely natural appearance rich with color and dimension. Now that you know where to buy IPE Oil Stain Finish, visit your favorite online authorized DeckWise dealer today for special offers, best price and excellent customer support on this superb hardwood stain finish. Protect your exotic hardwood investment with IPE Oil and enjoy a beautiful yet durable oil finish.